Northern Michigan Drone owners Steve and Christi Nowak and family
Steve Nowak and family

Northern Michigan Drone can provide you with videography and photography featuring unprecedented views. From 2 feet to 200 feet in the air, we are easily able to capture images that were impossible to get in the past without the hassle of cranes, jigs, and booms that can cost thousands of dollars.  We make it as easy as it gets….you tell us the shot you want, and we do it! (as long as its within FAA regulations).  We can fly within a reasonable distance to most objects, which allows you to get that amazing shot that you have been longing for.  We use state of the art drones that utilize GPS technology to give you stable, sharp, and clear images from the air.  With our 15 plus years of flying Remote Control Airplanes and Helicopters, in addition to our experience with digital photography, we provide you with completely edited media that is delivered to you digitally and/or via CD in your choice of format.